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JOLT-I (Journal)


The Journal of Law Centre-I, JOLT-I is the flagship journal of the Centre with ISSN: 2231–1580 JOLT-India. See JOLT-I COVER and BLURB

It is peer reviewed and awaiting UGC recognition. LC-I published Volume 6, Issue II in 2017. Editors of the Journal as a policy do not control the content to facilitate free flow of thoughts and bring out contrasting views. However, JOLT-I abides by a strict PLAGIARISM POLICY.

All articles submitted to JOLT-I will be checked using a plagiarism detection software.

If submitted manuscript is found to be plagiarised, it shall be summarily rejected. Additionally, the concerned author/s may be blacklisted for any future submission in JOLT-I.

JOLT-I is an annual journal though manuscripts are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. JOLT–I invites research articles, case comments, notes, and book reviews, etc. for its annual publication. All submissions are peer reviewed before publication. Contributors may consult the following style sheet for citations: JOLT-I quick reference guide

Alternately, you may contact the Editor, JOLT-I, Law Centre-I, Umang Bhawan, Faculty of Law University of Delhi, Delhi 110007 at


Journal of Law Teachers of India , Present Editorial Committee

Chief Editor:  Prof. Ved Kumari, Dean & Head, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi

Co-Editors: Dr. Sarbjit Kaur (, Dr. Sunanda Bharti (

Members: Dr. Anu (, Dr. Susmitha P Mallaya (

Address: Law Centre-I. Umang Bhawan, Chhatra Marg, University of Delhi, Delhi – 110 007, India

Phone: +91 11 2766 7991



ISSN: 2231–1580 JOLT-India

Published by: The Professor in-Charge, Law Centre-I, Umang Bhawan, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi,

Delhi – 110 007

Printed at Delhi University Press


The submissions, strictly as per house-style rules may be mailed to:

JOLT-I is  cited as: 6 (2)JOLT–I p (2015-16) [for Volume 6, Issue II]. Copies of the Journal can be obtained by writing to the above email or postal address.

Scanned Copies of the journal archives can be accessed by clicking the following links:

Vol 1 [published in 2010]

Vol 2 [published in 2012]

Vol 3 [published in 2013]

Vol 4 [published in 2014]

Vol 5 [published in 2015]

Vol 6(1) [published in 2015]

Vol 6(2) [published in 2017]


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