Law Center-I – It's about Education, Evolution and Excellence

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Educate, Evolve, Excel

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Take a campus tour

Umang Bhawan, our new campus building has a lot to offer for our students; come and see for yourselves!

Our Motto

The Motto at Law Centre-I is 'Educate, Evolve, Excel'

Education at LC-I is a steady and patient process of facilitation. We understand the pedagogical requirement that everyone might not like to be 'taught' but yet one may want to learn with equal zeal...
With teachers indulging the students in simple storytelling to intellectually stimulating discussions, mind 'Evolves' to open-up, to adapt, to imbibe, think out of the box, freely exchange ideas and to reach out...
Together, the Students and Teachers strive to surpasses ordinary standards so that Excellence is achieved.
You are most welcome to be a part of this learning environment!
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