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The teaching methods in the Faculty of Law are participatory. Case Method is the primary mode of teaching and learning. It means that students are expected to come to the class after reading the prescribed Cases decided by the Supreme Court of India or High Courts as directed by the teacher. Most of these cases are provided in the Case Materials for each course given to each student. The Case Materials may also contain some important articles. This is supplemented by reading of the prescribed books in each course.

Following is a list of teaching staff at LC-I (in no particular order). Kindly note that the new appointees’ (those who have been finally allotted LC-I) are in the process of being finalised as this list is uploaded.

The link however would take you to the main DU Law Faculty Academic Staff page where one may find complete information of the teaching staff of all the three centres. LC-I, LC-II and CLC.

Prof. Ved Kumari, PIC, LC-I and Head and Dean-Faculty of Law

Dr. Manju Arora <dr-m-arora@hotmail.com>,

Dr. Sarbjit Kaur <sarbjit.taneja@gmail.com>,

Dr. P B Pankaja <pbpankaja@gmail.com>,

Dr. Anju Vali Tikoo <anjuvalitikoo@yahoo.co.in>,

Dr. Poonam Dass <pd_70_70@yahoo.com>,

Ms. Meena panickar <meenapanicker@gmail.com>,

Dr. Awekta verma <awekta.shimla@gmail.com>,

Dr. Alok sharma <alokasharma001@yahoo.com>,

Dr. Suman <suman_lc1@rediffmail.com>,

Dr. Sunanda Bharti <sunanda.bharti@gmail.com>,

Dr. Anu Mehra <anu.lawcentre1@gmail.com>,

Dr. K Ratnabali <k_ratnabali@rediffmail.com>,

Dr. Siddhartha Misra <siddhartha.jurist@gmail.com>,

Mr. Sunil Kumar Singh <sunilkumarsinghdu@gmail.com>,

Dr. Shaiwal Satyarthi <shaiwal.law@gmail.com>,

Dr. Archana Mishra <archanasmishra@gmail.com>,

Mr. Gurpreet Singh Randhawa <randhawagurpreetsingh207@gmail.com>,

Dr. Vikesh Ram Tripathi <vikesh.tripathi@gmail.com>,

Dr. Basukinath Dubey <basukinathdubey@rediffmail.com>,

Ms. Pooja Thakur <poojathakurlaw@gmail.com>,

Dr. Diksha Munjal <dikshamunjal@hotmail.com>,

Mr. Piyush Kumar <piyush917@gmail.com>,

Dr. A.K. Ajit <drakajit.du@gmail.com,

Mr. Amit Kumar Sinha <adv.amitkrsinha@gmail.com>,

Mr Sarvesh kumar <sarvesh.dulawfaculty@gmail.com>,

Dr. Vijay Himanshu <vjyhimanshu@gmail.com>,

Mr. Pushkar Anand <pushkar.rathaur@gmail.com>,

Dr. Anju Sinha <anjusinha55@gmail.com>,

Dr. Susmitha mallaya <susmithapmallaya@gmail.com>,

Dr. Thulasidhass P <thulasidhass@gmail.com>,

Ms. Shivika Choudhary <shivika.c@nls.ac.in>,

Ms. Shachi singh <shachi240788@gmail.com>,

Ms. Priti Rana <pritiranamalik@gmail.com>,

Dr. Sanjivini Raina <sanjiviniraina@gmail.com>,

Dr. Surender Mehra <surenderm1979@gmail.com>,

Dr. Kavita Yadav <k.yadav1980@gmail.com>,

Dr. Parveen <parveen9chd@gmail.com>,

Dr. Kali Dhass <nakkalkali@gmail.com>,

Ms. Shivani Singh <shivanishini@yahoo.co.in>,

Ms. Alka Panwar <panwaralkabps@gmail.com>,

Ms. Shankar Singh <shankaryadav123@gmail.com>,

Mr. Megh Raj <meghrajcobra@gmail.com>,

Ms. Sukanya Singha <sukanya.singha5@gmail.com>,

Dr. Krishna Murari <krishnamurari576@gmail.com>,

Ms. Meena Manethi <meenamanethi@gmail.com>,

Dr.Daya Bhardwaj” <dr.dayahp@gmail.com>,

Dr. Ajay Sonawane <ajaysonawane.law@gmail.com>,

Dr. Anil Sain <sain.anil@gmail.com>,

Dr. Upendra Nath <nath.upendra19@gmail.com>,

Ms. Apeksha Kumari <kumariapeksha@yahoo.com>,

Mr. Ravindra Kumar <rdoharey@gmail.com>,

Ms. Shilpi Singh <shilpi_singh06@yahoo.com>,

Mr. Toshiba Imchen <toshibaimchen@gmail.com>,

Dr. C.K Negi Bisht” <chanda.negi@gmail.com>,

Ms. Mercy Khaute <mercykhaute1508@gmail.com>,

Dr. Shakti Kumar Agrawal <shakti.kumar15@gmail.com>

Meet Our Outstanding Faculty Members (would take you to the main DU Site)


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