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About Us

Law Centre-I was established in the year 1970. It is a premier unit under the aegis of the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi.

Law Centre-I, conducts ‘full time’ 3 year LL.B Course (6 semesters) only. The permissible timing for holding the classes is from 8 AM to 7 PM. However, presently the Centre is working from 2.00 pm to  7:30 p.m. The timing may change at any time.

Tune in to the Pulse of LC-I

Classes are mostly held at the new faculty building, Umang Bhawan.

Every year 1002 students are admitted to first year LL.B. Course in Law Centre-I selected on the basis of an Entrance Test conducted by the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. For details, you may see the latest prospectus.

Though all the three Centres are a part of the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, each has its separate teaching and non-teaching staff headed by a Professor-In-Charge (PIC) (for details click ‘Teaching Staff’ tab).

Consequently, the three Centres have different teaching faculty, administrative office, infrastructure (library, washrooms etc), etc. The Course material for different subjects taught however, is the same for all.

Rich History of Teaching Law in Delhi

Law Centre-I is the oldest centre of the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, having enjoyed 36 years of fruitful and productive existence. It came into being in 1970-71.

During those times, it was housed in an NDMC School, also known as Nagar Palika School, near the Paharganj Police Station. The evening session was, however held in North Campus only without the name of LC-I. Unofficially, it was popular as ELC, that is ‘Evening Law Centre’.

In the year 1994, the Centre was shifted from Mandir Marg to the North Campus, adjacent to the Campus Law Centre Building where teaching took place till June 2016.  Presently, however, while teaching/classes have shifted to Umang Bhavan, which is a stones throw away, the teachers’ chambers , administrative section,  and the Library remain in the old premises.

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