Attention: Final Year Students 2018 National Lok Adalat on 14th July, 2018

It is to inform all concerned that next National Lok Aadalat is going to be held on 14th July, 2018.

It is requested that all 2nd year students (those who have taken their second year -4th semester exams in May 2018) who are desirous of attending the National Lok Adalat must convey this information to their CRs (previous ones would continue for the matter) through WhatsApp or appropriate means. The CR’s may then prepare a list in MS Word format by giving details like name of the student, present class roll no, and choice of court to be visited for attending Lok adalat . The word document is to be sent by the CR to Dr. Alok Sharma at the following ID:

Kindly send it by Tuesday, 10th July, 2018.
It is a compulsory requirement in final year. The students have to observe the proceedings carefully and note down the details of the proceedings and their own observations. Name of cases, facts of cases, role and behaviour of advocates and presiding officers have to be noted and written for a detailed report preparation.
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