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Assistant Professor

LL.M., LL.D.

Research Interests

International Law, International Organisations Law, Law of Human Rights, Air and Space Law, Civil Liability Law


Siddhartha Misra is a Sr. Assistant Professor in Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. He obtained his Master of Laws (LL.M.) from Delhi University and a degree of Doctor of Laws (LL.D.) from Meerut University. He has a vast experience of teaching and research in law and related areas. His area of interests includes Public and Private International Law, International Organisations Law, Human Rights, Civil and Criminal Liability Law. He has written extensively on these and related areas in various books and research journals and made many conference presentations. He has been a part of and carried out research projects on various socio-legal issues in India. He is currently working on some important research projects including the one on Police Reforms in India. He regularly writes for leading news papers and magazines in India and is in editorial boards of various law journals. He has supervised a number of master’s and doctoral thesis and dissertations. He is a life member of the Institute of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies, Delhi, a member of African Initiative of Democracy and Human Rights, Durban and International Council of Jurists, London. He served as a Judge at the Jessup Moot Court Competition 2020, 2021 and recently supervised a Ph.D. thesis on International Investment Law.


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