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Assistant Professor

Room No. 215, Law Centre - I, Faculty of Law

Research Interests

Gender Justice, and Criminology


Dr. Shivani Verma is a passionate teacher, scholar and a fervent writer. Her ardour for law made her win the University Gold medal in the year 2002 for scoring top rank in LL.B. from Kurukshetra University. She cleared her NET in the year 2005 and completed her Ph.D degree in Law from Kurukshetra University on the topic, 'Female-trafficking in India' in the year, 2013. She has worked on a project sponsored by National Commission for Women on 'Increase in the Rape cases in Haryana' as a Research Associate. Dr. Verma has a teaching experience of more than 15 years in various reputed Law Schools in Delhi. Presently, she is working as Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. She has taught various subjects like Criminology, Law of Torts, International Law, Competition Law and Legal Ethics in past 15 years. She is a passionate writer and has written books on Criminology and the Law of Torts, Laws against Trafficking and female- trafficking for Commercial Sexual Exploitation. She has also penned down many articles in International and national journals. She has also been writing blogs for a legal website She has participated and presented papers in many International and national conferences and also co-chaired few of the sessions.



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  2. Criminology, Penology and Victimology, (University Book House , 2019)
  3. Trafficking of Women in India for Commercial Sexual Exploitation (University Book House, 2020) 
  4. Laws Against Trafficking in India (University Book House, 2020)


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