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Enabling Unit of Equal Opportunity Cell, Law centre-I

Enabling Unit of the Equal Opportunity Cell has been established by the Law Centre I, Faculty of Law, the University of Delhi in order to fulfil the mandate of the University Grant Commission to provide equal access to education to students with disabilities. The objective of the enabling unit is to create an accessible environment in Law Centre - I for the students with different disabilities on the campus. For the above-said purpose, it organises various programmes, workshops and seminars on campus so that the students should be able to have sufficient knowledge of the scholarships, schemes, career opportunities and availability of the reading material in an accessible format. Enabling unit is committed to creating necessary facilities for the students by all available means.
Dr. Awekta Verma
Dr. Siddharth Mishra
Dr. Shakti Kumar Agrawal
List of Students Members


Notice inviting applications for Executive Body of Enabling Unit of Equal Opportunity Cell for 2021-2022.