Students' Publications

  1. Shraddha Tripathi, 'Convolution of Unilateral Arbitrator Appointments in India' ADR E-Newsletter (an initiative of the ADR Board of NLU Odisha) (27 October 2020) 

  2. Divesh Sawhney and Sanyam Aggarwal, 'Zombification of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code' Bar and Bench (13 October 2020), 

  3. Aiman Hashmi, 'Removal of Labour Protections in India: Tradeoff between Economic Disenfranchisement and Growth', Cambridge Core Blog (13 August 2020), 

  4. Aastha Khanna and Divesh Sawhney, 'NALSA Judgment: Critique of the Indian Perspective Beyond the Adams-and-Eves Worldview' Georgetown University Undergraduate Law Review Blog (25 August 2020),