Societies & Committees

Societies & Committees 

A number of Committees, each comprising an elected/nominated convener, elected/nominated members of the teaching faculty and student volunteers are functioning in the Centre to promote co-curricular activities, such as mooting, debating, legal aid etc.

Apart from these, there are committees to serve/aid the administrative functioning of the centre, such as the attendance committee, case material committee etc.

These committees enable the members, both faculty and students to enrich themselves with valuable experience that helps them progress not only in their professional life but also in the personal sphere.

The Convener of every committee, in consultation with the members discuss and decide the developments in their areas, review projects, talk about future options, etc for their committee. Committees may meet on a regular basis, often weekly or yearly, or meetings may be called irregularly as the need arises. 

The Professor-in-Charge of the Centre is the ex-officio member of every committee. 

For the academic year 2019-20, following are some of the important committees operational in Law Centre-I

1. Subject Allocation and Time Table Committee
Mr. Anil Sain (Convener)
Ms Shachi Singh (Co-convener)
Mr. S.K. Singh
Ms. Archana Mishra
Dr. Kavita
Dr. Anju Sinha
Ms. Shivika Chowdhry

2. Attendance Committee
Dr. Siddhartha Misra (Convener) (1 st Year)
Dr. Kavita (Co-convener) (2 nd Year)
Ms. Pooja Devi (1 st Year)
Dr. Diksha Munjal Shankar (1 st Year)
Dr. Shaiwal Satyarthi (2 nd Year)
Dr. Shivani Verma (2 nd Year)
Mr. Shankar Singh Yadav (3 rd Year)
Mr. Krishna Murari(3 rd Year)

3. Admission Committee (2nd and 3rd Year)
Mr. S.K. Singh (Convener)
Dr. Upendra Nath (Co-convener)
Dr. Surender Mehra
Ms CK Negi Bisht
Dr. Vikesh Ram Tripathi
Dr. Amrendra Kumar Ajit
Mr. Shankar Singh Yadav

4. Seminar Committee (Centre)
Dr. L. Pushpa Kumar (Convener)
Dr. Vikesh Ram Tripathi (Co-Convener)
Mr. Anil Sain
Mr. Meghraj
Dr. Sanjivini Raina
Dr. Vijay Kumar Himanshu

Seminar Committee (Students)
Ms Sachi Singh (Convener)
Dr. Kalidass (Co-convener)
Ms. Shivika Chowdhary
Dr. Parveen
Ms. Shilpi

5. Moot Court Committee
Prof. P.B. Pankaja (Convener)
Dr. Susmitha P. Mallaya (Co-convener)
Dr. Sanjivini Raina (Co-convener)
Dr. Anju Sinha
Dr. P.R. Kalidhass
Dr. Amerendra Kr. Ajit
Dr. Daya Devi
Mr. Pushkar Anand
Mr. Piyush Kumar

6. Legal Services Society
Dr. Apeksha Kumari (Convener)
Dr. Surender Mehra (Co-convener)
Prof. Ved Kumari
Dr. Anju Vali Tikoo
Dr. Suman
Dr. Gurpreet Singh
Mr. Krishna Murari
Dr. Basuki Nath Dubey
Dr. Upendra Nath
Dr. Diksha Munjal
Dr. Ravindra Kumar
Dr. C.K. Negi Bisht
Ms. Shilpi

7. Journal Committee
Dr. Sunanda Bharti (Convener)
Prof. Pankaja (Co-convener)
Dr. Anu
Dr. Susmitha
Mr. Pushkar Anand
Mr. Amit Sinha
Ms. Sukanya

8. Library Committee
Dr. Poonam Dass (Convener)
Mr. Gurpreet Singh (Co-convener)
Dr. Anju Vali Tikoo
Dr. Awekta Verma
Dr. Sarvesh
Dr. Ravindra Kumar

9. Union Advisory Committee
Dr. Maotoshi Ao (Convener)
Mr. Shankar Singh Yadav (Co-convener)
Dr. Shivani Verma
Ms. Pooja Devi
Ms. Mercy

10. Student Grievance Committee
Dr. Anju Vali Tikkoo (Convener)
Dr. Daya Devi (Co-convener)
Dr. Pushpa Kumar
Dr. K. Ratnabali
Dr. Siddharth Mishra
Ms. Archana Mishra

11. Disciplinary Committee
Dr. Sunanda Bharti (Convenor)
Dr. Awekta Verma (Co-convener)
Mr. Shankar Singh Yadav
Dr. Surendra Mehra
Dr. Kalidass

12. Gender Sensitization and Cultural Committee
Dr. Anu (Convener)
Dr. Shivani Verma (Co-convener)
Dr. Alka Bharti
Dr. Vijay Kumar Himanshu
Dr. Basuki Nath Dubey

13. Report Writing
Mr. Pushkar Anand (Convener)
Mr. Piyush Kumar (Co-convener)
Dr. Poonam Dass
Dr. Sarvesh
Ms. Shachi Singh
(Also Conveners of all Committees)

14. E-Newsletter/Webpage
Ms Shivika Choudhary (Convener)
Dr. Sunanda
Dr. K. Ratnabali (Student e- Newsletter)
Dr. Maotoshi Ao
Mr. Anil Sain

15. R.T.I. Reply committee
Dr. Sarvesh (Convener)
Ms Sukanya (Co-convener)
Mr. Piyush Kumar
Mr. Amit Kumar Sinha
Mr. Pushkar Anand

16. Anti-Ragging and Anti-Discrimination Committee
Ms Mercy (Convener)
Ms. Archana Mishra
Mr. S.K. Singh

17. Internship and Placement Committee
Dr. Alok Sharma (Convener)
Dr. Priti Rana (Co-convener)
Prof. Manju Relan
Ms. Meena Panicker
Dr. Shaiwal Sathyarthi
Dr. Apeksha Kumari

18. N.S.S. Committee
Dr. Kavita Yadav (Convener)
Mr. Meghraj (Co-convener)
Dr. Suman
Dr. Anu
Ms. Sukanya

19. Entrepreneurship Society
Dr. Amrendra Ajit (Convener)
Dr. Vikesh Tripathi (Co-convener)
Dr. Sanjivini Raina
Mr. Anil Sain
Dr. Vijay Kumar Himanshu
Dr. Preeti Raina

20. Sports Committee
Dr. Parveen (Convener)
Dr. Preeti Rana (Co-convener)
Dr. Ravindra Kumar
Dr. Alok Sharma

21. Equal Opportunities Cell
Dr. Awekta Verma (Convener)
Dr. Shakti Kumar (Co-convener)
Dr. Siddharth Misra
Dr. Alka Bharti

22. SC/ST/OBC Students Grievance Redressal Committee
Dr. Maotoshi Ao (Convener)
Dr. Alka Bharti Co-convener)
Dr. Ravindra Kumar

23. North East Students Welfare Committee
Dr. K. Ratnabali (Convener)
Dr. Maotoshi Ao
Ms. Mercy

24. Scholarship Committee
Mr. Amit Kr Sinha (Convener)
Ms Sukanya

25. Vector-Borne Diseases Committee
Dr. Vijay Kumar Himanshu (Convener)
Dr. Anu

26. Joint Students Teachers Consultation Committee
Convener, Union Advisory Committee Students' Union
Convener, Gender Sensitization Committee

Convener, Moot Court Society
Convener, Legal Services Society

Convener, Seminar Committee
Convener, Anti-Ragging Committee

Convener, North-East Students Welfare Committee
Convener, SC/ST/OBC Students Grievance Redressal Committee

Convener, Students' Grievance Committee
President, Law Centre - I Students' Union

27. Committee for the Prevention of Defacement of Property
Dr. Alok Sharma



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