Prof. Ved Kumari

Prof. Ved




PhD, LL.M., LL.B. from the University of Delhi


Office Address

Law Centre-I, Faculty of Law, Chhatra Marg, Delhi - 110007

Research Interests

Juvenile Justice, Gender Justice, Criminal Law, Clinical Education, Judicial Training

Subjects Taught

Criminal Law, Juvenile Delinquency, Family Law, Law of Torts, Jurisprudence, Property Law, Criminology, Rehabilitative Techniques, Research Methods, Moot Court Mock Trial and Internship, ADR, CLE and Practical Training for the Profession of Law

Brief Biodata  

Professor Ved Kumari is former Dean and Head, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. She began teaching law in 1983 and has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in the University of Delhi, Jammu University in India, and Vanderbilt University (USA) supervised LL.M. dissertations and PhD theses and published several books and innumerable research articles at the national and international level. Prof. Ved Kumari headed the Delhi Judicial Academy as its Chairperson during 2009 - 2011. She is the first and perhaps the only woman academic to hold such a prestigious position. She initiated several landmark changes in the teaching and training of judges during her tenure.

She is the Fellow of Commonwealth Judicial Education Institute, Canada (2010); Commonwealth Fellow at Warwick University, UK (1998); and Fulbright Fellow at Vanderbilt University, USA (1997). She spent one year in Russia doing research on the Law and Advocacy in Relation to Children in Russia as part of her sabbatical leave in 2005. Currently, she teaches an innovative full semester course on ‘Andragogy – the Art of Teaching Adults’ to the research scholars in addition to other subjects.

Representative Publications


  1. Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2015 : Critical Analyses (Jan 2017) Universal Law Publishing, an imprint of LexisNexis
  2. Juvenile Justice System in India: From Welfare to Rights (2nd Edn. 2010) Oxford University Press
  3. Building Capacities: Learning From Each Other (Ed.) (2006) USEFI, Delhi.
  4. Creative Child Advocacy: Global Perspectives (edited with Susan Brooks, Vanderbilt University, USA) (2004) Sage Publications.
  5. Juvenile Justice System in India: From Welfare to Rights (2004) Oxford University Press.
  6. Treatise on the Juvenile Justice Act, 1986, (1993). Indian Law Institute.

Selected Research Papers

  1. Child in Conflict with Law: Recent Developments, in D.P. Verma and Shruti Jane Eusebius (ed.) Juvenile Justice in India: A Critical Study (2020), National Judicial Academy
  2. Definition of ‘Dowry’ – A Continued Enigma in 61(2) JILI 213-228 (April-June 2019) ISSN 0019-5731
  3. Sentencing in Rape Cases: A Critical Appraisal of Judicial Decisions in India, co-authored with R. Barn, in Journal of Indian Law Institute (Jan-Mar 2017) ISSN 0019-5731
  4. The Juvenile Justice Act 2015 – Critical Understanding in the Journal of Indian Law Institute (Jan-Mar 2016) ISSN 0019-5731
  5. Indian Juvenile Justice in Theory and Practice in Franklin E. Zimring, et al, (eds) Juvenile Justice in Global Perspective (2015) NYU Press, ISBN 978147982653-7.
  6. Legal Aid Clinics in Law Schools: Ensuring Sustainability and Professionalism in Raman Mittal and K.V. Sreemithun (Ed), Legal Aid: Catalyst for Social Change (2012) Satyam Law International.
  7. Sunde Buhai, Ved Kumari, et al, The Role of Law Schools in Educating Judges to Increase Access to Justice, 24 (1) Pacific McGeorge Global Business and Development Law Journal (2011) ISSN: 1045-8905.
  8. Construction of Criminality and Children in Essex Human Rights Review - UKIERI Special Issue: Realising Children's Rights: Multidisciplinary, Comparative and Practical Perspectives, (December 2010) ISSN 1756-1957 available on 
  9. Quagmire of Age Issues under the Juvenile Justice Act: From Inclusion to Exclusion 51(2) JILI 163-186 (2009).
  10. Justice Education and the Evaluation Process: Crossing Borders, with Margaret Martin Barry, Martin Geer, Catherine F. Klein, 28 Wash. U. Journal of Law & Policy 195-240 (2008) ISSN: 1533-4686 (Print). ISSN: 1943-0000 (Online)
  11. Fertility Revolution: Changing Concept of Family and Identity, 2003 Delhi Law Review 100.
  12. Clinical Legal Education: Course Content and Issues in Subash C. Raina and Usha Razdan, Law and Development (Anthology on Topical Legal Studies), Regency Publication (2003)
  13. Gender Analyses of Indian Penal Code in Engendering Law: Essays in Honour of Prof. Lotika Sarkar, ed., A. Dhanda and A. Parashar, 139-160 (1999) Eastern Book Company, India.
  14. Teach­ing Substantive Law Through Clinical Methods: An Experiment in the Law Faculty in Delhi 20 Delhi Law Review 71 (1998)
  15. Place of Women and Child in Guardianship and Custody of Children, in L. Sarkar and B. Sivara­mayya, ed., Women and Law Contemporary Problems, (1994).

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