Message from the Professor-in-Charge

Pic Prof Sarbjit

Prof. (Dr.) Sarbjit Kaur

Law Centre - I


Law Centre – I has established itself as one of the leading institutions for pursuing legal education. The motto of our Centre is ‘Educate, Evolve, and Excel’ and we try our best to ensure that every student here achieves these three goals through quality teaching, and by creating a wholesome learning environment. Law Centre – I of the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi has always been an egalitarian educational institution. It caters to the students from all the segments of the society and takes the pains to maintain that stature. Law Centre – I does not tolerate any form of discrimination, including ragging. Law Centre – I has the North East Student’s Welfare Cell and the SC-ST Grievance Redressal Committee to ensure that no one is harassed on grounds of religion, caste ethnicity and gender or any other issue. We strongly stand for the equality of women and strive to inculcate the culture of respect for women inside as well as outside the classrooms. The Disciplinary Committee, Committee Against Sexual Harassment, and Gender Sensitization Committee work throughout the academic year to create an environment which ensures equality and safety of women.

On the academic front, the focus of Law Centre – I is not only on the classroom teaching but also on imparting the students, practical legal skills so as to prepare them in advance for their careers in law. For instance, moot courts, trial advocacy, client counselling, mediation and negotiation competitions provide the students an understanding of the legal processes inside, as well as outside the court. Besides, Law Centre – I, strives towards developing critical thinking, and research skills among its students. To that end, we have the Journal of Law Teachers of India in which papers and articles are invited from students as well as teachers. Self-discipline being an essential trait in the field of law, students are hence encouraged and advised to remain particular with their classes and attendance.

India has been a home for the culture and tradition of learning. We have many teachers from the younger generation to infuse and maintain the new zeal. At the same time, we have a commendable group of senior faculty members to gain wisdom and knowledge from. Needless to say, that respect for the gurus has to be there irrespective of the barriers of gender and age. As a parting shot, I think I should mention the importance of treating the entire premises of the Faculty with respect; from maintaining cleanliness to displaying civilized parking habits. In the coming years, I would like to see our energies channelized into fruitful activities that add to the vibrancy of Law Centre – I.


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