Lectures on Law of Crimes by Dr. Alok SharmaNew GIF New One
Lectures on Law of Crimes - I by Prof. Ved KumariNew GIF New One
Lectures on Gender Justice and Feminist Jurisprudence by Prof. Ved Kumari 


3rd and 5th Sem


  1. Witness Handling as a Performace Skill by Dr Aman Hingorani on 28th & 31st Oct (Session 1) (Session 2
  2. Special Lecture on Decoding the Art of Mooting by Adv. Nipun Saxena on 9th October 2020. 
  3. Special Lecture on The A-Z of Oral Advocacy by Adv. Tushar Behl on 17th October 2020  


Online Learning Resources

A. NMEICT Initiatives by MHRD

B. Access to DU Library resources from home 


Lectures and Materials (2nd and 4th Sem)
  1. Lectures by Prof. Ved Kumari  
  2. Public International Law (Lecture) by Dr. L. Pushpakumar
  3. Environmental Law (Lecture) by Dr L. Pushpakumar 
  4. CrPC Lectures by Dr Alok Sharma
  5. ADR Lectures by Dr Alok Sharma
  6. Mediation in Compoundable and Non-Compoundable Offences - Audio Lectures by Dr Sunanda Bharti
  7. Taxation Law (Income from Profits or Gains of Business or Profession) [Write Up] [Video Lecture] by Dr Ratnabali K.
  8. Professional Ethics and Contempt of Court by Dr Sarvesh (Audio Lecture)
  9. Intellectual Property Law - I Google Classroom [Code: 3uqqbd7] by Mr Anil Sain
  10. Principles of Taxation Google Classroom [Code: o7s3yzv] by Mr Anil Sain
  11. Intellectual Property Rights, Google Classroom [Code: gvu4pye] by Dr Sanjivini Raina
  12. Competition Law Google Classroom [Code: 2ci5u5z] by Dr Sanjivini Raina
  13. Transfer of Property Rights (Lectures) by Mr. Amit Kumar Sinha
  14. Public International Law Google Classroom [Code: ewzttoc] by Pushkar Anand
  15. International Institutions Google Classroom [Code: 3o53an3] by Pushkar Anand
  16. Property Law Google Classroom [Code: 7buiqa2] by Ms Meena Kumari
  17. Law of Evidence Google Classroom [Code: rnxcuao] by Ms Meena Kumari
  18. Advocacy and Professional Ethics - Audio Lectures by Mr. Parveen K Singh
  19. Environmental Law (Lectures) by Ms Taniya Malik
  20. Labour Law Lecutres and Materials by Mr. Jatin Kalon
  21. Professional Ethics Lectures by Ms. Ankeeta Gupta
  22. Professional Ethics Lectures by Ms. Swati Garg
  23. Family Law Lectures by Ms. Ankeeta Gupta

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