Dr. Susmitha P. Mallaya

Susmitha MallayaDesignation

Assistant Professor


B.Com; LL.M. & PhD (CUSAT)



Office Address

108, Faculty of Law (New Building)
North Campus, University of Delhi
Chhatra Marg, Delhi (IN)-110007

Research Interests

Competition Law
Banking Law
Corporate Law
White Collar Crimes

Subjects Taught 

Company Law; White Collar Crimes
Competition Law; Insurance and Banking Law
Law and Justice in Globalized World; Health Care Law

Brief Biodata

Dr Susmitha P. Mallaya is Assistant Professor, at the Law Centre - I, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. Prior to joining the University of Delhi, she was working as an Assistant Professor, The Indian Law Institute, New Delhi, Amity Law School affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Dwarka, Delhi, Vaikunta Baliga College of Law, Udupi, Karnataka and School of Legal Studies, Kannur University, Kerala. She holds her LL.B. from Government Law College, Ernakulum affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam and LL.M. and PhD in law from School of Legal Studies, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi, Kerala. She has published several articles in the area of Competition Law and Documentary Credit Law in various reputed national journals. She is having editorial experience of editing the journal of Annual Survey of Indian Laws, one of the prestigious journals of the Indian Law Institute, New Delhi from 2014 prior to be part of editorial team of Journal of Law Teachers of India in 2018. She has co-edited books on Emerging Competition Law, jointly published by ILI and Wolters Kluwer and Emerging Trends in Corporate Governance: Legal Issues & Challenges in India published by Satyam Law International, New Delhi. She is in the panel of Peer Review Board, Lexigentia: International Journal of Lloyd Law College, Noida. She has been invited to judge various national and international Moot Court Competitions and panelist in National Conference. She is currently focusing in the area of Competition Law and Banking Law



  1. Emerging Competition Law (Wolters Kluwer and Indian Law Institute, New Delhi, 2017).

Chapters in Edited Books

  1. Indecent Representation of Women in Media: A Legal Perspective in Bhanu, Aravind P. (ed.) Women & Law, Satyam Law International, New Delhi 179-193 (2019).
  2. Competition Law and Consumer Welfare in Sairam Bhat (ed), Privatization and Globalization, Changing Legal Paradigm, Eastern Law House, Calcutta/New Delhi (ISBN 978-81-7177-330-5, 2017), pp.146-157
  3. Abuse of Dominance’ and the Doctrine of ‘Essential Facilities’: An Interface in Manoj Kumar Sinha and Susmitha P. Mallaya (eds.), Emerging Competition Law (Wolters Kluwer and Indian Law Institute, New Delhi, 2017) pp.161-175
  4. Reforms in Legal Sector: Need to focus on Development of Research Skill, in Manoj Kumar Sinha and Deepa Kharb (eds.), Legal Research Methodology, LexisNexis, New Delhi (ISBN: 978-93-5035-942-6, 2016) pp.215-230
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Research Articles

  1. Clinical Legal Education in India: Some Reflections, (Vol 46 (4)) Indian Bar Review: Special Issue on Legal Education, Continuing Legal Education and Clinical Legal Education, 427-438 (2019)
  2. Documentary Credit Frauds: Need for Regulation of Banking Sector in India, (Vol. 60) Journal of Indian Law Institute, 216-236 (2018), link 
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  19. Rights and Obligations under Transferable Letters of Credit: Issues and concerns in Trade Law, Cochin University Law Review (ISSN 0970-033, 2011), pp.345-360
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  21. Money- Laundering and Banker’s duty of Confidentiality, Cochin University Law Review (ISSN 0970-033, 2002), pp.283-309

Book Reviews

  1. Tapash Gan Chaudhary, Penumbra of Natural Justice, Eastern Law House Pvt Ltd, Kolkata (2016) in Journal of Indian Law Institute (2018)
  2. Shail Jain and RK Jain, Patents Procedure and Practices, Universal Law Publishing Co. Pvt Ltd, New Delhi (2011), in Amity Law Review (2012) p.153
  3. Jaya Sagade, Child Marriage in India, Oxford University Press, (2005) in Cochin University Law Review (2007) p.209

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