Dr. Sunanda Bharti

Sunanda BhartiDesignation

Associate Professor


Certified Professional Mediator/IIAM, PhD in Law, LL.M, LL.B, B.Com(H)



Research Interests

Intellectual Property Laws, preferably Copyright, Designs and Trademarks,
Mediation as a Dispute Resolution Method, Negotiation as Problem Solving Mechanism,
Internationalisation of Curriculum and related Faculty Development Prospects.

Subjects Taught

The subjects that I have had the opportunity of teaching are Intellectual Property Laws, Arbitration, Mediation and Negotiation as a part of CLE-I, and Moot Court, Mock Trial and Internship as CLE-II. During the initial teaching years, I have taught Jurisprudence (consistently till 2012), Negotiable Instruments and Taxation Laws.

Brief Biodata

Dr Sunanda Bharti has a rich experience of teaching at Law Centre-I, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi for the past 15 plus years (the year of entering this data is 2020). She has a number of published works to her credit on various aspects of Intellectual Property Laws, Jurisprudence, Mediation and contemporary socio-legal issues of relevance. Dr Sunanda Bharti has been a Trainer of Trainers for many Faculty Development Programmes on Teaching Skills and Research Methodologies. Against nomination by the Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, she represented the DU, Law Faculty in the Third and Final Law Teachers Training Programme 2006-07, at Cardiff, Wales, UK (February 21-March 23 2007). Funded jointly by the British Council, Delhi and Cardiff Law School, Wales, it is in the nature of a 'Best Practices Exchange Programme' intended at training Law teachers in India to improvise on the way they teach to enable better student learning.

She is presently doing an International Project –RISHII (Resources for Internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions in India) funded by the European Commission under the ERASMUS Scheme. Dr Sunanda is also a Certified Professional Mediator from the Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation (IIAM).

Dr. Sunanda was a Team Leader (Editorial) with LexisNexis Butterworths India for 3 years and hence has experience of the Law Publishing Industry. She completed her PhD, LL.M and LL.B from the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. She was awarded the prestigious Sukhdevi Girdhari Lal Grover Prize’ for being the best candidate in Constitutional Law II and I presented at the 78th Annual Convocation of the Delhi University. She has done pioneering research work on the ‘Legal Personality of Unborn/Foetus’. Some of her online published works can be accessed from the following blogs: Unlearning Law, Blaze New Trails, WILL-Why I Love Law and a few posts on spicyip.com.

Representative Publications

Articles in Journals

  1. The Muddled Notions on Wrongful Death and Abortion — A Conceptual Analysis, 1 MSB Law Journal, Bharatpur 12 (2019).
  2. Contours of the Limits to State Intervention: Some Ideas, 7 JOLT-I 117 (2017-18) (published in Jan 2019) ISSN: 22311580.
  3. Architecture, Sculptures and Copyright Management, 11(2) International Journal of Business Insights and Transformation, IJBIT 56 (April-Sep 2018) ISSN 0974-5874.
  4. Ms. Ganga and Ms. Yamuna are Juristic Entities and have a Right to Flow? An examination of Mohd. Salim v. State of Uttarakhand, 6(2) JOLT-I 105 (2015-16) ISSN: 22311580.
  5. Insights on Protection to Fashion Design in Apparels in India under the Copyright and Design Law, 10(1) International Journal of Business Insights and Transformation 32 (Oct 2016-Mar 2017) ISSN 0974-5874

Article/s in Corporate/Legal Magazines/On line Blogs/Newspapers

  1. Leaving station without availing station leave during Covid 19 should be mercifully treated, published by Times of India, Reader’s Blog on August 20, 2020, available at https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/blogs/will-why-i-love-law/leaving-station-without-availing-station-leave-during-covid-19-should-be-mercifully-treated/
  2. The science of apology and (Re)building bridges, published by Times of India, Reader’s Blog on August 20, 2020, available at https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/blogs/will-why-i-love-law/the-science-of-apology-and-rebuilding-bridges/
  3. Limited Edition Products and Their Interface with Copyright, Design and Trademark Laws published by SpicyIp on October 7, 2020, available at https://spicyip.com/2020/10/limited-edition-products-and-their-interface-with-copyright-design-and-trademark-laws.html 
  4. Time to Add the Discrimination Dimension to Grounds of Refusal for Trademark Registration? published by SpicyIp on October 6, 2020, available at https://spicyip.com/2020/10/time-to-add-the-discrimination-dimension-to-grounds-of-refusal-for-trademark-registration.html
  5. Working from home means transforming that personal space and designating it as something else, published by Times of India, Reader’s Blog on August 20, 2020, available at https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/blogs/will-why-i-love-law/working-from-home-means-transforming-that-personal-space-and-designating-it-as-something-else/ 
  6. What Kind of Trademark is ‘Make in India’? A Brief Academic Inquiry, published by SpicyIp on July 28, 2020, available at https://spicyip.com/2020/07/what-kind-of-trademark-is-make-in-india-a-brief-academic-inquiry.html 
  7. Copyright-in-Unpublished-Works-What-Constitutes-Publication, published by SpicyIP Blog on April 10, 2020, available at https://spicyip.com/2020/04/copyright-in-unpublished-works-what-constitutes-publication.html 
  8. Bol-ree-Kathputli-Tell-me-o-Kathputli-What-IP-Rights-do-I-Have-in-You published by SpicyIP Blog on January 23, 2020, available at https://spicyip.com/2019/07/ https://spicyip.com/2020/01/bol-ree-kathputli-tell-me-o-kathputli-what-ip-rights-do-i-have-in-you.html 

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