Dr. Priti Rana

Priti Rana


Assistant Professor


M.A. (London School of Economic and Political Science)
PhD (University of Delhi); NET (UGC)



Research Interests

Comparative Laws of Marriage & Divorce
Family Law & Gender Issues
International Humanitarian Law                                                             

Subjects Taught

Comparative Laws of Marriage & Divorce
Family Law; Law of Evidence
Law and Justice in Globalized World

Brief Biodata

Dr. Priti Rana is an Assistant Professor at the Law Centre- I, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. She is an alumna of Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. She has been awarded her PhD from Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. Her areas of interest include Private International Law and Family Law. She writes extensively on issues related to Women, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. She has more than 5 years of experience in academics. She has various research publications to her credit. With a keen desire to keep herself abreast of the latest legal developments, she is a familiar face in the research circles and has participated and presented research papers in International and National Seminars/ Conferences.

Representative Publications
  1. Child Soldiers: Victims or Combatants in Rashmi Salpekar et al. (eds) International Humanitarian Law (Satyam Law International, 2019).
  2. Clinical Legal Education in India: Need For A Pro-Active Approach, Indian Bar Review (2019).
  3. Recognition of Foreign Divorces in Private International Law: Indian Perspective, LawZ Magazine (June 2019)

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