Dr. Daya Devi

Daya DeviDesignation

Assistant Professor





Office Address

R-118, Law Centre - I
Faculty of Law (New Building)
North Campus, University of Delhi
Chhatra Marg, Delhi (IN)-110007

Research Interests

Social Security Legislations; Consumer Protection
Labour Laws; Law of Torts; Taxation; Maternity Benefits

Subjects Taught

Taxation; Law of Torts; Labour Laws; Jurisprudence

Brief Biodata

Dr. Daya is Assistant Professor at the Law Centre – I, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. Prior to joining the University of Delhi, She was working as a Principal at R.N.T. Law College, Chittorgarh (Affiliated from Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, Udaipur (Rajasthan) , India. Her areas of interest includes labour Law, taxation and law of torts .She has obtained her Ph.D., LL.M & LL.B. in Business laws ,from the Faculty of laws, Himachal Pardesh University ,Shimla.(H.P.)She holds UGC-NET awarded by University Grant Commission, India. She has published a book on Social Security and Labour Legislation : ILO,Constitutional and Legal Framework ,Social Security Schemes and Judicial Approach (2017) and articles in diverse areas, including labour policies ,Maternity Benefits, Right to education etc., in various national and international journals.

Representative Publications
  1. Social Security and Labour Legislation: ILO, Constitutional and Legal Framework, Social Security Schemes, Judicial Approach (Regal Publications 2017). ISBN No. 978-81-8484-658-4
  2. Right to Education As A Ray Of Hope: Constitutional Perspective, International Research Journal of Management & Social Sciences Vol. 1(1) (2016) ISSN No: 2455-4553
  3. Labour policy, social security and five-year plan, Civil and Military Law Journal, (April-June 2015) 
  4. Expanding the horizon of maternity benefits in India, Civil and Military Law Journal, (March-may 2015)
  5. Food security as a basic human right,  Civil and Military Law Journal, (Dec-Feb 2015)
  6. Relationship of residential status and income tax liability in India, Civil and Military Law Journal, (Sept-Nov. 2014)
  7. Social Security: Issues, Challenges & Perspective, Civil and Military Law Journal (Sept-Nov. 2014)
  8. Bank frauds in India - A critical Analysis Civil and Military Law Journal (June-Aug 2014)

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